Thursday, 1 March 2012

Final Film

Preliminary Task

Evaluation Question 1- In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In what ways does your media Product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
In a number of different ways I find that my media product develops as well as challenge conventions of an actual media product. To begin with my title of my film opening does not go against conventions of a typical thriller genre, with the title “The watcher” It highlights clearly the basic story line and plot of the film. Similar to such films as Hannibal and chainsaw massacre.
To make the titles again follow the conventions of a thriller film I used effect over my titles, the hesitation and scratchiness is a frequently used in thrillers, one film I got my inspiration from particularly is Seven, (On the screen grabs of my film you can see at number 6,7 and 9 the font and titles I chose similar font to that used in Seven on screen grabs 1,3 and 6). Again the font style I have used follows the thriller convention, with scratched and irritated look I feel that the font is fitted well to the style of film and captures the interest of the viewer. A classy and neat font would have looked out of place on a film like mine.
One way I went against conventions was that I left the film title till the last couple of seconds where as in most film they produce the title with in the first 30 seconds to a minute. As seen in the screen grabs, the title Seven is produced early on when in mine I brought it in at the very end.

With my film having no dominant and regular character through out the opening section, Mise-en-scene, location and setting makes up most if not my entire film opening. By having no character or person in my opening credit it leaves the audience in suspense, they don’t know who is involved in the film, who they are or what is going to happen, which is a key attribute of a thriller movie. With the location being so vital to make the film interesting I had to think about what location and setting would be appropriate for my said convention. I firstly focused on the CCTV aspect; this would tie in with the title of the film and add to the atmosphere.  I added in shots of statues and old collector items to make the setting of the film more engaging and exciting to get the audiences attention. Having added these aspects in to the opening it showed that this film had the material to make a thriller.

Throughout my film I used several special effects these in turn made my film opening move toward a definite genre of film. It also made the film more eyes catching and engaging. I used numerous camera angles to make up my film opening.  I decided that I didn’t want to make my film neat and perfect as by doing that it may give out the wrong impression of the genre of the film. I achieved this by using the camera angle I have learnt about over the year but using them whilst shaking and moving the camera, however the footage is still recognizable and clear.
 I used After Effects and Final Cut Pro, to add the wanted effects at the end of editing my opening.  I decided to put footage over footage and over lay them; I also decided to cut up my film footage to make the opening more unsteady and choppy. This idea came from looking at the movies Hannibal, but mostly Seven. I think by doing this in the first 15 seconds the audience would be able to tell by the footage and the editing together that this is defiantly a thriller.

Evaluation Question 2 - How does your media product represent particular social groups?


With my film there is no clear or main actor shown instead I have decided to focus on portraying the character type. Because of my initial research I had a basic narrative I wanted to portray, however I wanted to deliver this through the representation of the character type. In this case it was based on her interests hobbies personality traits and ultimately the way she tracked and killed the victims.

We can break down the character into 3 individuals:
1.     A religious theme
2.     A Collector
3.     A serial stalker
The religious theme was constructed by the statue this could portray a type shrine to a religious subject like Mary with this as well as with the cross added into the film at the last part of the film opening this verifies the fact that the character is religious.
The collector theme of her personality is shown through the shots of the cameras, old collectable film reels this makes the audience relies the fact that she enjoys to preserves moments in time, hording of film equipment showing the audience that the person being portrayed likes to watch people. This goes on to the last part of the individual’s personality of being a serial stalker. The surveillance cameras of the streets scenes highlight this. 

Evaluation Question 3- What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

 With my film being a thriller, I have researched such films and looked at the production companies with in this genre. I also focused on many differing factors including the role with in the media industry, the budgets. I have focused of such films as 'Hannibal' and 'Seven' throughout producing my film opening, So I started looking at the production companies who work with in these films. 'Seven' used two production companies where as 'Hannibal' used four. I have looked into Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer one of the four with worked with Hannibal.  

Metro- Goldwyn- Mayer (MGM) is a American Media Company based in California. The are primarily involved in production of films and television programs. MGM was founded in 1924. MGM has helped produce and distribute a total of 253 films which include such films as, 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre', 'Buried Alive' and is currently working on a remake of Stephen King's popular 1976 film 'Carrie.

The job of a production company is to be responsible for the physical production and offer material into the field of the performing arts; new media artfilmtelevisionradio, and video.

Production companies run from small the large, for example a independent small production company would be like Film4 and a Large main stream one would be Universal Studios. The most successful and famous Production Companies are; DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox, Summit Entertainment, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, Walt Disney Pictures. Because I have made my film into a thriller a production company such as, paramount pictures would have been an appropriate production company for my film.  Paramount have produced films such as Shutter, as wells as the Paranormal activity series.

A film distributor is a company responsible for releasing films to the public either through the cinema or releasing for home viewing through DVD, Video-On-Demand, and Download. With this a distributor is responsible for the gross ticket sales. They are also in charge of film advertising materials; their aim is to attract the largest possible audience. With my film funds would be very basic and minimalists because of this  I would want to release it to a select amount of cinemas to see how well it is liked. Using a distributor would be increasingly helpful for the release of a media product like mine. Coming from an unknown director, the film would need large advertising to make it a success. Having a film distributor would also help to attract larger target audience.
If the film was not accepted in the cinema, I would release the film for home viewing though the Internet and downloads and on DVD. To do this the cost would be high and the funding would have had to be self-funded. There are five main methods of financing the production of films. Which I could possibly use and repay them when from the money the film produces.
1.     Government Grants
2.     Tax Schemes
3.     Private Equity and Hedge Funds
4.     Debt Finance
5.     Equity Finance

Evaluation Question 4 - Who would be the audience for your media product?

Name – Claire Rowland

   Age –  21

   What film genre do you like to watch? – a mixture of things, I enjoy psychological thrillers, sploofs, and comedies, just a bit of everything really. My favorite film at the moment is ‘Your Highness’

   Where would you look if you wanted to look at Trailers of new films coming out? I usually hear about new films from my uni housemates because they always know about new, up and coming things. So after them, usually Youtube.

   What type of music do you like to listen to? Again a mixture of things, I like chart music, pop, indie, rock, and especially a nice bit of 50 cent and Sean Paul.

   Would you watch my film? Yes, probably. The opening is quite good and interesting.

   If so why and if not why? It’s like the style of films that I enjoy, like the Hannibal trilogies.
What do you not like about my film opening? I think that it may put people off that they don’t know what is going to happen. But then again I suppose this would only be an issue if it were a trailer and not an opening. So as an opening it’s good and really sets the ambience for the whole film.

Do you have any hobbies? Yes, I like going to the cinema on Orange Wednesdays, I like going out for dinner with friends and family. I enjoy cooking and taking photographs. I do media at Uni, so I really like technology and new crazes.

What types of shops do you go into when you go shopping? The only reason I ever go to town is to buy clothes, because I don’t trust online retailing. If I want a camera or something like that I tend to use Amazon or eBay.

What do you except to see when you see a thriller movie, and also do you feel as through my film opening holds these aspects? I like to see gore, and blood, and horrific things – mentally scaring, usually. quite sick and twisted…but that is what I like to see.
Your film opening is so vague that the film could be about 
anything, which is quite good for an audience, and therefore has the potential to satisfy all of the viewers.

Name – Zac Smale                     

Age – 21

What film genre do you like to watch? – Comedy

Where would you look if you wanted to look at Trailers of new films coming out? iTunes/Digital Spy

What type of music do you like to listen to? Rock

Would you watch my film? Yes, without a doubt.

If so why and if not why? It looks very interesting and very well put together.

What do you not like about my film opening? Nothing, I loved all of it.

Do you have any hobbies? Yes. I like watching films, going to the cinema, watching television, playing computer games.

What types of shops do you go into when you go shopping? Clothes shops, record stores, book stores.

What do you except to see when you see a thriller movie, and also do you feel as through my film opening holds these aspects? Scary sound effects, choppy editing, spooky music. Yes the film opening holds all of these aspects.

Evaluation Question 5 - How did you attract and address your audience?

To attract my target audience I have incorporated many different factors into my media product, I have split it in to three separate sections, which would make the audience be attracted to my film if they saw these aspects with in my film opening. These sections are a Character or theme, a type of Music as well as a clear narrative.

One of the most important aspects I wanted to include was to make sure there was a interesting and clear theme running though my opening. I chose a character who is not completely shown with in my opening, but is introduced though the opening as a religious serial stalker who likes to hoard pictures and photos of the victims so she can relive the moments.

With producing my soundtrack to go over my film footage I wanted to similar sounds, which are used in the film, seven I decided to do this as I wanted to capture the same target audience they captured. I choose such sounds as high-pitched noises, scratches and camera shutters to add to the themes I wanted to portray.

As well as these I used a clear narrative to attract my target audience was to make sure that I followed the conventions of a typical thriller, with attract as similar audience to whom I want to attract with mine.